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A sick tourist doesn’t have to be a problem. Partnering with Safe Away can turn the situation into an experience that reinforces the loyalty of your client in your brand.

Become a partner.

If you are a hotel, a tour operator, a DMC, or any other entity dealing with tourists you will eventually need our services and consider to become our partner.
You know that dealing with a tourist that is traveling with a pre-existing medical condition - a situation that needs to be monitored and followed closely - or one that has a sudden health misfortune requires specific skills and a very professional approach and protocols.
If there is a health need, other than an emergency, our team of health professionals will promptly be at your clients’s room door. We believe that people should’t go to the hospital unless they really need it - they should have the opportunity to have healthcare services at their door, allowing them to experience their holidays to the fullest.
Just like you, we want your clients to enjoy their holidays in a quiet and carefree environment.
We will assist your client every step of the way. If the situation can’t be solved at the hotel, Safe Away will use its network of specialised partners.
Your client will always be accompanied by one of our professionals who will ensure the supervision of the whole process and that will do the follow-up.

With Safe Away you can turn a difficult situation into an experience that reinforces your client’s loyalty in your brand.

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