We stand for Health Care Services based on empathy.

If someone is on holidays and gets sick or suffers an injury, insurance will pay the expenses. But they won’t provide health care services.
Alarming? Well, not really.
See what we can do for you.

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You know that holidays are meant to be enjoyed - good mood and a positive attitude are a must. You want to live an experience that brings an emotional state of wellbeing. These are times when you feel happy and want to live a special experience.
You want to have fun and – obviously – stay away from illness. But unfortunately, this is something that you can’t guarantee.
Because it simply might happen.
We base our operations on personalised services. This ability allows us to safeguard all types of clients, whether an ad hoc situation, a sudden health misfortune, a person in need of continual blood pressure/INR monitoring or providing daily assistance for those who are dependent or partially dependent on their family, giving their caregiver a right to a holiday.

How to be Safe Away in 3 easy steps

01. Plan your vacations

Contact Safe Away
Planing Session
Get your Support Plan
Choose your hotel (see our Partners)*

* you may plan your holidays with your travel agency or tour operator and subsequently contact Safe Away to organise any Health Assistance for you.

02. Safe Away Preparation

Health plan customisation
Preparation of arrival and hotel transfer

03. Enjoy your stay

Holiday experience
Tours (see our Tours service)*
Daily Health Report

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